Maya Angelou was way ahead of her time

Dr Maya Angelou was born on April 4 1928 in St Louis, Missouri. At the time of her birth she was given the name Margurite Annie Johnson, she’s the second child of Mr Bailey Johnson a doorman and a navy dietitian, and to her mother Vivian Baxter Johnson a nurse and card dealer.
When maya was 3 and her brother was 4 they were sent by train to arkansas to live with their grandmother, who was an entrepreneur, because their parents marriage broke down.
Their grandmother prospered during the great depression sweeping through the country, during world war 11. After she turned 8 she and her brother moved back in with their mother, and when she became old enough to work, she took on various jobs as a sexy night club dancer, she worked as a conductor, a madam, and also a sex worker to make ends meet.
After she completed her studies she took the world by storm, and worked in Egypt and Ghana as a journalists, and activists, she became one of the most sort after voice in that era.
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X grew very fond of her, they became close and their friendship grew as they work together, to help out the voiceless in the poor and down trodden black communities.
During her marriage, she moved on to become an actress, writer, teacher, poet, mentor, and university lecturer,educator,playwrite,director,historian,producer.
Enjoy these stunning pictures of this beautiful lady!
By: V.Goldson

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