Marilyn Monroe: Did She Commit Suicide, Or Was She Murdered? You Decide


Monroe circa early 1950s
Born Norma Jeane Mortenson
(1926-06-01)June 1, 1926
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Died August 5, 1962(1962-08-05) (aged 36)

The Hours Before her death:

It has long been rumoured that one of our most Iconic figure marilyn monroe had committed suicide, still a lot of questions remained unanswered surrounding the cause of her death. Monroe was found dead by her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson in her home.

Before the hours of her final moment she was doing what most people do when they’re at home, which is to take phone calls from friends and close relatives, eat, relax, and trying to get her personal business done. Earlier that evening she received a phone call from Joe Dimaggio’s son, her ex husband’s biological offspring, he was telling her how hurt he was and that he had just broken off an engagement to a girl he was going to marry. Then at 7:45 pm she received another phone call from Peter Lawford, the brother in law of John F. Kennedy inviting her over to his place for dinner that evening, she declined the offer and said goodbye, and the conversation ended abruptly


Overdose And Slurred Speech:

Lawford became quite concerned and figured more or less that something was wrong, so he rang Marilyn’s housekeeper Eunice Murray who were staying in the guest house on the other house number and asked her to go check on Marilyn to see if everything is alright with her, she did, and told him that marilyn was fine. He wasn’t convinced, according to Peter Lawford her speech was slurred and indecipherable so he kept on ringing her phone, but each time he rang he was getting a busy signal. Peter Lawford then rang his lawyer Mickey Rudin, who advised him to keep away from Marilyn’s house to avoid shame just incase she was intoxicated with drugs.


Alleged Suicide And Cover Up:

The housekeeper Eunice Murray said that she later on went to knock on Marilyn’s door but Marilyn did not answer, she went on to say that she peeked through her bedroom window, she notices that the light under the door was on and she knocked several times but got no reply. she became increasingly worried. She then rang marilyn’s psychiatrists Ralph Greenson and told him that he should come over, because she’s been trying to wake marilyn to no avail, and that she strongly believe that something is wrong.

Doctor Ralph Greenson went over to marilyn’s apartment in brentwood, upon arrival he tried to break open marilyn’s door but failed, he then looked through her window and saw that her body was lifeless. He broke the glass to open the locked door and discovered her naked body beside an empty pill bottle and her hands slumped over her telephone. He  checked her and then he rang Doctor Hyman Engelberg.
However record has proven that the housekeeper Eunice Murray appeared to have changed her story several times, and so did the two doctors, which made it even more uncertain of the cause of her death. A pathologists by the name of Doctor Thomas Noguchi did not find any traces of capsule powder in Marilyn’s stomach to link her death with swallowing 40 pills. Was She Murdered?


Introduction Affairs Allegations:

Marilyn had a brief affair with Frank Sinatra. It has been documented that marilyn had an affair with the kennedy brothers also, Bobby Kennedy and John Kennedy became close with the movie star after they were introduced. The report was hidden as a classified document and it recorded the Kennedy’s on and off affair with marilyn, including their sex parties, and lesbian romps and her sad departure from 20th century Fox which lead to her first breakdown of depression. How exactly did marilyn met the kennedy’s? Marilyn first had a short affair with Sinatra and went on to become acquainted with hollywood’s elites and top ranking of society, some of whom were Peter Lawford, his wife Pat Kennedy and Pat Newcomb, who later became Marilyn’s best friend.


They would attend high profile parties and gatherings which were mostly kept at the kennedy’s and lawford’s homes. Robert Kennedy and his brother President John F. Kennedy were also in attendance that got them acquainted with Marilyn Monroe in the early months of 1962. Marilyn’s closest friends gave details of her two affairs with the kennedy brothers, They told of how she would often simultaneously manage both affairs on occasions which became the talk of hollywood.


Secret Agents Spying Affairs FBI:

The FBI frequently recorded and kept files of marilyn’s lifestyle and affairs, rumour circulated that the mafia took a keen interest in marilyn’s life because of the affair with the kennedy brothers, but poor marilyn she did not know how deeply she were involved. Marilyn in 1962 moved to brentwood to be closer to her psychiatrists doctor greenson and also nearer to the lawford’s home. She saw her doctor daily as her depression increases, he then employed an housekeeper Eunice Murray to keep a close watch and look after her.


Why? Marilyn started taking overdoses of sleeping pills which lead to her stomach being pumped. Taking care of marilyn became a full time job for doctor greenson, he oversee her visitors and often drove her back and forth to her destinations, people were even assuming that doctor greenson and marilyn were having an affair because of how close they seem to have gotten. During all of that, marilyn was getting more and more deeply involved with the kennedy brothers, she was often seen on dates with either John or Bobby, but her heart was set on winning John’s ultimate love and affection and becoming a first lady.

It was no secret that Marilyn was leaning more to the left and were oftentimes seen in the company of hollywood’s black elites such as Dorothy Dandridge and many others. Marilyn use to refuse to perform at venues if they were not hiring black performers, because of who she was and the influence that she had, she  was often spied on. A private investigator Fred Otash was hired in the sixties to record Monroe’s calls and it was he who recorded the sex sessions that John F. Kennedy and his brother were having an affair with Marilyn by spying on her.


Sex Tape Threesome:

It has been rumoured that marilyn had been in a three way sex with John F.Kennedy and his brother Robert F.Kennedy. The Otash family boldLy stated in public that there is a sex tape a threesome, including marilyn monroe john kennedy and his brother. But where is the sex tape?

The decades old filmed which sported the rumour of a trysts with marilyn and the kennedy brothers had founded its way into a collector of memorabilia hands. His name William Castleberry. Who is Castleberry? William Castleberry is a bodyguard and a long time collector of hollywood’s memorabilia. He landed the 8-mm film in the 1980s which is more than a half a century old. Castleberry did not make the film public out of respect he had for Marilyn’s former husband Joe Dimaggio he once told a friend. Castleberry owed over $200.000 in backlog payment from a court case, thus resulting in the ceasing of his property when he could not come up with a $90,000 balloon payment. Castleberry then decided that he is going to auction off the sex tape of marilyn and the kennedy brothers. Suspiciously, right before it was auctioned William Castleberry’s debt was paid off and  the auction was halted. The question now is who decided to right this before it went all wrong and saved the exposure of the threesome? Who were they protecting, was it monroe or the kennedy’s? Perhaps we’re never going to find out.


Private Number Bath Tub Love:
John F. Kennedy use to visit Marilyn at her home or at the Lawford’s where it was rumoured that they frequently made love in a bath tub at the lawford’s home, of which they were once caught by one of John F. Kennedy’s advisor Peter Summers. John even gave Marilyn a secret private number for her to reach him through the justice department. Marilyn hopes of becoming a future wife of the president had began to show confidence, she believed that John F. Kennedy would eventually ask his wife Jackie for a divorce and then marry her. According to Marilyn’s friend Torry Moore, Marilyn naively ”imagined herself as a future first lady.”Marilyn’s career began to slowly take off again and in April 1962 she began working on Something’s got to give. A month after she performed at madison square garden at John F. Kennedy’s birthday tribute, she sang quite sexily to him ”Happy Birthday” to John and put her affection for him on public display for the first time, and it sent the rumour mills into overdrive. The gossip columns, tabloids and newspapers could’nt stop writing about it.

FBI reports recorded that John F. Kennedy promised Marilyn that he would ask his wife Jackie for a divorce and then marry her, but as time goes by it became clearer to marilyn that he had no intention of divorcing his wife to make her Marilyn a first lady. He then tried to convince Marilyn that she should not worry about 20th century fox cancelling her contract and he would see to it that everything is taken care of, but nothing of the sort happened. She then began to feel betrayed, alone, and obviously used and hurt. She called up John Kennedy at his work and they had an heated argument over the phone, she then threatened to make the affair known to the public.

Blackmail Setup Drugs:
The weekend before she died, Sinatra set up a secret meeting with her and the kennedy’s at the cal-neva lodge on behalf of the kennedy’s who were worried that Marilyn Monroe was about to tell the tabloids about the affairs. It is alleged that they plied her with drugs, have her stripped and took naked and unflattering pictures of her when they met up at the lodge. They then used that as a blackmail threat against her if she should ever go to the public and let everyone know about the affairs.

Her ex husband Dimaggio heard what had happened, and he became embittered and angry at sinatra and the kennedy’s for the blackmail they were using against his former wife marilyn.

Planned Suicide Murder Secret:

The alleged conspiracy for Marilyn to unwittingly commit suicide is rumoured to be planned by Peter Lawford, who made arrangements with Marilyn’s Doctor Ralph Greenson, who gave her an unusual amount of tablets. Her best friend and personal secretary Pat Newcomb, and Marilyn’s housekeeper Eunice Murray were also rumoured to be colliding with the plot that was set up by Lawford to induce suicide. They knew that she would take an overdose of the pills, of which was often the case and her housekeeper, personal assistant, her doctor and close friends would normally get her a doctor quickly to have her stomach pumped, but this time they would act quite casually as if everything was fine, even though they knew better and waited until she was fully dead before they called for any help. It is also alleged that she was given a fatal injection by a doctor, ordered by one of her suicide conspirators.


According to one FBI record, Marilyn who often attempted suicide on numerous occasions, was expecting to have her stomach pumped and gain sympathy for her suicide attempts. Peter Lawford the alleged conspirator who planned her death knew from marilyn’s friend that she had made several suicide attempts before and that she was inclined to make another one to arouse sympathy according to the source.

Confirmation Death Inquiry Allegations:

It is alleged that on the same day Robert Kennedy made a call from St Charles Hotel in San francisco to Peter Lawford just to find out if Marilyn was already dead. The friendly call that Marilyn had received from Peter Lawford at 7:45 pm that evening inviting her to his for dinner, was for him to find out if she had already taken the drugs and how much effect it had on her,  and to also find out if everything was working according to how they had planned it. He then pretended to be concern of her well being by ringing her over a period of time on that same evening, but it was to make sure that she did not answer the phone just in case she was still alive and not really dead. FBI files show that Marilyn Monroe was often spied upon from the cold war mid-1950s up until the time of her death.


By: V.Goldson


Leaked reports and records



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