‘Ain’t Nobody Here But The ‘Chickens’

Ain’t Nobody Here At All

You never know when its gonna rain:  Therefore, preparation is a good thing.   Nobody enjoys walking in the rain on a cold day,  but when it starts to pour some people may find themselves sitting at home which is not so much of a bad thing,  or maybe driving through pot-holes and puddles, or either waiting it out at the office or under a bust-stop yikes!  hoping and praying for it to stop raining, so that they can make a quick exit home.
Sometimes you just cannot predict the weather:  if the rain comes tumbling down while you’re in the comfort of your own home, here’s what you can do.  Warm yourself up with some chicken soup.  Chicken soup is made from chicken, cooked with various other ingredients, it has long been encouraged as a form of medicine to treat symptoms of colds and other related illnesses. It has been shown that chicken soup can help clear infections brought on by common flu, so lets give a toast to that and get our cooking gloves on.
Ingredients for cooking chicken soup:  First you’re going to need a POT!
Then find yourself a ‘chicken’  tee hee, or maybe you want to take the easiest way out and buy some at your local supermarket, along with some carrots, onions, celery,fresh thyme, olive oil,rosemary,chicken noodle,black pepper,salt,parsley,potatoes or yams, whichever you prefer will do just fine.
How to make:
.Get a chicken breast, thighs or wings and cut it up into a size-able amount.
.One cup chopped carrot
.Two cups chopped onion
.Two bay leaves
.One cup chicken noodle
.3/4 teaspoon salt
.1/2 teaspoon black pepper
.Two tablespoon olive oil
.Two tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
.Two stalks of celery sliced
. Rosemary sprig
.Slice up one big potato, or if you prefer to use yam slices the equivalent to a big potato, that’s fine.
Heat water in pot, rub the chopped chicken in salt and one teaspoon of olive oil, and place in the pot for eight minutes.  Add carrot,onion,celery,garlic,potato, cook for five minutes, and lets not forget to stir the POT!  Add black pepper, chicken noodle,parsley,sprig leaf, bring to boil for four minutes.
You can even get creative and sprinkle a bit of spicy curry powder or add a scotch bonnet pepper, it all depends on your own taste buds. Reduce heat and let simmer, cook to taste.  A few minutes more then its ready.  Yum, lets eat this!  How is it that chicken and vegetables simmered together can be so satisfying?
Make your plans for rain, but don’t be afraid when you get caught up in a shower.
Author V.Goldson

5 thoughts on “‘Ain’t Nobody Here But The ‘Chickens’

  1. V Goldson your stories are simply delicious. And as tasteful as dumpling ackee and saltfish! I love to read them, I really do. And love them as much as cowfoot soup, too!


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