It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Brandy first made her introduction in show biz. The actress and singer better known as B-Rocka at the age 13 made her acting debut on the sitcom “Thea,” and later went on to dominate R&B music and television with a sitcom of her own, “Moesha.”

Now 20 years later, a multitude (dozens!) of the industry’s biggest stars from Gladys Knight andJennifer Hudson to Maxwell and Missy Elliott paid tribute to the 33-year-old for her longevity and major contributions to entertainment. To say the least, the video was extremely touching, and as expected, brought Brandy to tears.

Here are a few of the highlights and video below via NicoleBitchie:

Wendy Williams: Brandy, I’ve been here for your entire career. From “Moesha” to “I Want to Be Down,” our little girl is all grown up. I am so glad to now call you friend to the show. Congratulations on 20 years. 20 years!

Kelly Rowland: Besides being Brandy the entertainer, you’re an incredible human being and God is so good. You’re here still putting out records, hit records, and I’m so proud of you.

Tika Sumpter: You’ve been in the game for 20 years. I remember listening to “I Want to Be Down” and thinking about how beautiful you are. To have met you and to have you in my life and to know you now, you’re everything that I thought you would be when I used to look at your CD. So anyway, I’m excited to see what else you are gnna do. You’re gonna be the star that you always are.

Missy Elliot: Incredible. Amazing. When you think of great singers and you are a singer, Brandy has to be in that top. Everybody that sings, Brandy’s name always…you know how you have the Biggies and Tupacs that gotta be at the top. Brandy is at the top. Her harmonies. The vocals. The vibrato that she has, nobody has. They try to duplicate and make carbon copies, but there’s only one Brandy.

Maxwell: Brandy you know I’ve loved you forever. I’m one of your biggest fans. When I was a lot older than you, you were a young baby coming into the game but I loved you from day one. Glad to you see you still rocking it and your future is still there and I love you. Congratulations on all the

Lauren London: I want to thank you for supplying your craft and your talent. Your voice is one of a kind. I have never heard one like it. And I thank you for giving us you. God bless you baby. Legend. Let’s go. Get ‘em.

Teyana Taylor: I just want to congratulate Brandy on 20 years in the game. I love you so much, one of my idols. I cried when I first met you. We’ve been sisters ever since. I’m just so happy, this is just an honor for me because you’re just a big inspiration. Your music ’til this day inspires me and always will inspire me.

JoJo: Oh, Brandy’s incredible. Her tone, her runs, her cleanness, her emotion…Brandy is an inspiration. Any young artist in my generation who says she isn’t, is trippin’ and needs to go study her.

Adrienne Bailon: Hi Brandy! I am a huge fan of yours. You are the singer of singers. I grew up listening to your background vocals. Your voice is like an instrument. You sing…literally backgrounds…I love it! I absolutely adore you. I’m one of your biggest fans. I grew up watching “Moesha.” Huge fan of yours. Congratulations on 20 years in this industry. You are an icon.

Sheryl Lee Ralph: Wow. Brandy. And how many years in this game? We have come so far and still so far to go. But let me just tell you this right now: you’re doing a wonderful job. I look at your child and I can see it. You’re doing a wonderful job. God bless you.

Jennifer Hudson: *singing Brandy’s song* Brandy I told you that I sit up and I try to do Brandy. I’m working on it. I just want to stop and tell you how much you are loved. How much you mean to me. All of us.Like, the impact you have made is amazing. And I look up to you still to this day. So I just want to stop and say congratulations and let you know you are loved. Love you.


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