FKA Twigs speak to allure on her beauty routines


Do you have an olfactory memory of your first crush? “He wore Angel for men.”

Did you try anything bold as a kid? “I went to a very white, Catholic school, and I used to do basketball braids, where you take hair bands and then braid your hair so it looks like a big basketball.”

What do you do for self-care? “I didn’t realize until about six months ago that people, if they’re singers or actors, they go and have facials and massages and stuff like that. I only just found out.”

What the hell, no one wrote you an email? “No one! I think the most important thing is sleeping, which is one thing I’m terrible at.”


You were told at 13 that you couldn’t be a ballet dancer because of your curved spine and flat feet. How did that feel? “It felt upsetting at the time. It feels more upsetting now because I could have been. I made a friend who studied at Alvin Ailey. I said to him, ‘In my arabesque, I could never get my leg up,’ and he’s like, ‘Nor could I, but if I made myself more flexible here then I could cheat in my own way.'”

You seem very comfortable with nudity. Has that always been the case? “Yes, when there is a purpose behind it. I feel frustrated when there isn’t. It’s also sad.

Trust me, I could take a picture and my bum could look crazy, like a hip-hop honey, but that’s not reality. I used to get anxiety because of that…of what women think it is to be a woman.”

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