Adam Levine and one of the favorite of his team Tessanne Chin through to the top 5 on the voice she’ll never stop growing, which is why we think she could win it all.

In a matter of hours, Tessanne Chin will find out whether or not she’ll make it through to the final four contestants of The Voice‘s fifth season, and something tells us the Jamaican songstress has nothing to worry about. caught up with Tessanne before the taping of the Dec. 3 elimination episode, and she reaffirmed why we’re putting so much faith in her.

“I think you never stop growing,” she explained. “It’s not about what note you hit, it’s more about depth. It’s about what you can show and what you can do, and that’s why I liked doing ‘Redemption Song.’ I had a chance to strip it down, and I love that opportunity; that is the most powerful thing that you can do. So for me, [the key to winn

Tessanne Chin: Future Actress?

But regardless of whether or not Tessanne wins The Voice, don’t expect to see her moving from the studio to the big screen. She’s just fine not pursuing an acting career.

“I would like to write songs for other artists, but I’m too shy to act,” she told us. “[When I’m singing on The Voice], it’s different because it’s a bit like do or die! Offstage, I’m pretty shy and I’m pretty quiet. I don’t think I would be an actress!”

Tessanne also shared a fun fact with us: She buys all of her own songs on iTunes!

“I do, just to make sure it doesn’t sound bad,” she told us with a laugh.



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