Girl, six, raped and murdered before being stuffed in a plastic bag in case which has sparked outrage in Trinidad

A 6-year-old girl was raped and murdered before she was stuffed in a plastic bag and left in a barrel, police in Trinidad have confirmed.

Keyana Cumberbatch, a pupil of St Barbara’s Shouter Baptist Primary School, went missing around 5.20pm on Monday.

She was on her way to her grandmother’s apartment, located just metres away from where she lived in Maloney, Port of Spain.

The child was being looked after by a male relative prior to her disappearance, local media has reported.

Schoolgirl: Keyana Cumberbatch, a pupil at St Barbara¿s Shouter Baptist Primary School, pictured, was found dead in a barrel in her family home, it has been reported


Keyana’s mother, Simone Williams, 27, said she was only made aware of her daughter’s disappearance after she made a call to her mother – who said the child never showed up at her apartment.

She was discovered in a barrel located in her family’s apartment in Maloney on Friday, according to Stabroek News.

Residents who smelt the decay called police who made the discovery, the website adds.

An autopsy revealed that the girl died of massive trauma to the head.

Pathologist Dr Alexandrov said, ‘The trauma to her skull was so extensive that all the tissue which connect bones of the skull were open. Her skull actually was cracked in half.

‘The trauma to her skull was extensive’
Pathologist Dr Alexandrov

‘These kinds of fractures we call “hinge fractures”. We see it very often in motor vehicle accidents where significant forces are applied.’

The male relative was taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon and was interrogated by officers. He has not been charged.

He says he knew nothing of the girl’s disappearance.

He told officers he walked Keyana to the building where her grandmother’s apartment was located and saw her enter the building, it has been reported.

Residents of Maloney, where the girl lived, are said to be hugely distressed and shocked at the news.

Many are now calling for better child protections following the horrific crime.

Gender, Youth and Child Development Minister Clifton De Couteau told reporters that legislators would soon debate a bill that would create a national child registry and punish people who fail to report crimes against children.

Reports the Daily Mail

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