DAVID CAMERON yesterday delivered warning that Britain could pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights

He went on to say that he  believes Britain should be able to deport those threatening national security without EU intervention.

The Prime Minister said the UK should be able to “chuck out” anyone who threatens national security without interference from judges in Strasbourg.He also backed the right of public bodies such as schools, courts and immigration centres to ban full-face Muslim veils.

Theresa May’s bid for Britain to quit human rights convention

Theresa May  has also called for Britain to leave the European Convention on Human Rights – but remain a member of the EU.

The Home Secretary used her first speech of the referendum campaign to argue that the case for remaining part of the treaty is “not clear”.

On the question of the EU as a whole, she offered cautious backing to staying in – admitting there are “problems” associated with membership and saying the country “could cope” outside.

In a wide-ranging speech, Mrs May also insisted that “nobody should think” Brexit is the “single bullet that is suddenly going to solve all our immigration problems”.

Referring to the ECHR – drafted after the Second World War – Mrs May said it “can bind the hands of Parliament”, “adds nothing to our prosperity” and “makes us less secure by preventing the deportation of dangerous foreign nationals”.

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