Sep 2013



Chris Brown knows what he’s up against in the eyes of the masses, but he no longer cares what people believe about him. He’s a superstar, a businessman and perhaps one of the entertainment industry’s most sought after bachelors. So, if his trials and tribulations can help others, then X marks his spot in history.

Chris Brown has been looking a tad bit reserved lately. His face, once affixed with a youthfully optimistic, tooth-bearing smile, now seems closed, or more so indifferent, in paparazzi shots. But it’s understandable that Brown, 24, doesn’t look as carefree as he used to. The small-town Virginia native is juggling the launch of a series of business ventures, non-stop international shows and the promotion of both his recently released sixth studio album, X, and new film, Battle of The Year.

Plus, there’s a heavy dose of what the embattled R&B star calls “negative news.” You know, the kind that focuses on his on-again/off-again love triangle with singer/actress Rihanna and fashion stylist/designer Karrueche Tran; alleged public squabbles with music rivals; and various revolving legal issues (probation violations for the Rihanna “incident,” car crashes, irate neighbors, etc.).

It’s enough to make any young man reach his breaking point. Sadly, that’s exactly what happened in August, when Brown was hospitalized because of a stress-induced seizure just two days before this interview. The mega talent of stage, song and screen opened up about his troubled past, personal growth and the realities of what it takes just being Chris Brown.

JET: You’ve been in the spotlight for over 10 years. Have you ever wished for a regular life? 

Chris Brown: I try to grasp the concept of being a normal guy sometimes. But when you start singing professionally at 14, 15… I look back at it and I’m only 24, but I’m starting to feel old. I’m not trying to be younger or older. I’m just trying to be my age and move with the time.

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