Bob Marley’s Ghosts Travel Paranormal

trailKingston is one of the top list for visitors to Jamaica and is well worth a visit before embarking on the journey to the big beach resorts of the north.


 It is perfectly safe to wander around the historic centre, crammed with 17th-century buildings; see some Jamaican art at the National Gallery and some tropical blooms at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

A couple of doors from Bob Marley’s museum is Devon House, which was built in the late 19th century by George Stiebel, Jamaica’s first black millionaire. It has some pleasant restaurants off the courtyard garden, but you can also settled for a couple of patties on the lawn.

The site is treated with great reverence and loyal fans come from all over the world to lay tributes to Jamaica’s most famous son. A stream of fast-talking Rastafarian guides, most of them claiming to be close family friends, will give you endless detail about Bob’s life. They say that sometimes Bob’s mum, Nessa, will pop out to say hello, but sadly she is not around anymore.

Bob’s final resting place is twice the size of the house he occupied when young, which is next door. The small house is painted beige with streaks of red, yellow, and green – the colours of the Rastafari.

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