Germany’s most haunted spots

Berlin’s citadel is home to a classic spooky love story. The ex-lover of 15th century ruler Joachim II, Anna Sydow, was locked in the castle during its short stint as a prison. Joachim asked his son, on his deathbed, to look after Sydow, but he threw her behind bars. She is said to roam the halls, unable to leave the citadel.


Just outside of Osnabrück there is an ancient stone structure thought to have been part of a pagan temple and graveyard. It was also the site of a bloody massacre of priests during the time Charlemagne was trying to convert the country to Christianity. On the longest and shortest days of the year, screams, stains on the rocks and orbs have all been reported from the site.


Not your average “white lady” story – in Freihung there roams the spirit of a woman who died an unnatural death in the middle ages. She used to drift around old mining tunnels used by a local BnB until residents had had enough of being scared, and the tunnels were destroyed. This pushed the white lady upwards, and she regularly appears in car rearview mirrors, giving drivers a fright.

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