How I deal with my mental illness

One of the toughest aspects of my bipolar mental illness is sticking to a medication regime,even-though the Side effects can range from sleeplessness to dizziness and suicidal thoughts; Note not everyone that goes through mental illness get suicidal thoughts it all depends on the type of medication that you’re taking and how your body reacts to it;But if you’re going through mental illness and developed side effects that are too severe call your doctor or pharmacist to get instructions on safely stopping the medication.  I’ve stopped taken my medications after three days;I just simply stop taking them, I dash Dem in the bin! because I can’t be bothered with side effects drama.

Read more to find out what I do to curtail my multiple personalities disorder.

So here is what works for me:

(1) I find time for myself; I run hot baths with my favorite bath creams and lavender scents,then play soothing relaxing music.

(2) Being a thoughtful reliable person sets you apart in itself.

(3) I read a lot and I also write a lot,writing has always been my main therapy because it’s something that I’ve been doing as a young teen;I would go to the parks with my pens and papers and sit there writing down my thoughts.

(4) Yep its true people do try to take advantage of people when they’re going through mental illnesses,so here is how to protect yourself;If you noticed that a person is trying to mess up your mental energy deliberately simple limit the time you spend around them, it’s as simple as that. Stay away from cynics and attention seekers make yourself some space: They’re known as toxic people for a reason.

(5) The five senses technique;You can’t control that you have mental illness, but you can control how you respond to your symptoms. For your nose use “scent therapy” sniff on scents that relaxes you. For touch I smother and wrap myself with fake mink blankets. For sight I look at nature paintings. For taste I munch favorite goodies. For ears I listen soothing music.

(6)I give social media a break;Then I switch off all things from the outside world for a day,then by tomorrow your mind will be refreshed rejuvenated and ready to take on new tasks.

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