Would you let your little girl pole dance? Astonishingly, the new child fitness craze is being embraced by many parents

Alexis Biggs shimmies up the pole before  contorting her tanned limbs into position.

With one leg bent in front of her, she points  the other leg straight out to the side, her opposite arm raised triumphantly to  form what is known, among industry connoisseurs, as the ‘beach babe’  position.

Then, hoisted in mid-air, she crosses her  ankles and places her left hand coquettishly on a hot pant-clad hip to showcase  a move called ‘seated lady’.

Work out: Seven-year-old Alexis Biggs practises her moves on the poleWork out: Seven-year-old Alexis Biggs practises her  moves on the pole

Her diamante earrings glisten underneath her  honey-blonde hair. As her audience applauds, she lowers herself to the floor and  gives a coy smile.

It is an arresting sight. But not for the  reason you might think. For Alexis is a seven-year-old who has been brought to  this pole dancing class by her mother.

And she is far from alone. Little girls  around Britain are ditching more conventional hobbies like pony club and ballet  to take part in this disquieting new trend. It has become so popular that there  are moves within the industry for children-specific qualifications among pole  dance teachers.

Research reveals there isn’t a town in  Britain that doesn’t hold adult pole dancing classes. And, as its popularity has  burgeoned, dozens of classes have sprung up specifically targeted at  children.

Several hundred youngsters are estimated to  attend classes in pole dancing – or pole fitness as it is labelled – across the  country, and their numbers are steadily growing.

The mothers who are taking their children are  from entirely respectable families. They claim to be cautious and loving  parents, who see these classes as nothing more than a good way of keeping fit.  But can they really be right?

Stripping away the bias: Jean Heaton, Alexis's mother, says, 'It's keeping her fit and healthy'Stripping away the bias: Jean Heaton, Alexis’s mother,  says, ‘It’s keeping her fit and healthy’

‘When I hear about mums taking their  daughters to classes like this, it angers and astonishes me,’ says child  psychologist Emma Kenny.

‘To encourage young girls to use their bodies  in a sexual manner is not, in my opinion, moral. Children are being pushed into  adulthood long before they need to, and this is one of the most extreme examples  yet.’

Since the Eighties, pole dancing has been  synonymous with strip joints and lap-dance clubs. But a decade or so ago, it  stopped being solely the preserve of red-light districts and moved into  mainstream life. Sniggering hen parties took classes along with middle-aged  women looking for a novel way to keep fit.

It is even being bandied about as a future  Olympic sport, and last month The International Pole Sports Federation announced  new regulations (no ‘overly-erotic’ dance moves in competitions) in the hope it  will become more ‘respected’.

Despite these efforts, it has yet to shake  off its sexual connotations. So it’s startling, to put it mildly, that  pre-pubescent girls are now attending pole dancing classes.

‘It’s up to other people what their  perception is, but to me it’s not at all the way other people make out,’ says  Alexis’s well-spoken mother, Jean Heaton.

‘It’s keeping her fit and healthy, isn’t it?  It’s simply not like it is in strip clubs.’

We’re talking at JLN Pole Fitness – the  studio in Westhoughton, Lancashire.

A Playboy clock competes for space alongside  Dirty Dancing and Fame posters. Blue disco lights line the walls. In addition to  eight poles, there is a swathe of black silk hanging down to be wound around  bodies and used as a prop.

Nearly everything else is pink – from the  walls to the glitter pom-poms to Alexis’s sparkly cropped  T-shirt. Jean,  31, a stay-at-home mother-of-three from Warrington, Cheshire, has been bringing  her  little girl here for six months.


12 thoughts on “Would you let your little girl pole dance? Astonishingly, the new child fitness craze is being embraced by many parents

  1. Personally I wouldn’t let my little girl do this even though it seem innocent. I would give her basic stretching and cycling on a tricycle


  2. It looks fun but you have to be more careful as a parent in this day and age, as there are perverts everywhere and the parents might give them the wrong signal by taking their under age girls to clubs to do this type of excercise.


  3. The women might not see it as anything but there are men out there that are weak and smutty minded and will get the wrong idea.


  4. This is not a good look! Paedophiles link everything to carnal depravity. You the parents are keeping the girls busy but paedos have a one tract mind. Your girl’s safety should be paramount.


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