Dumplings Fish and ackee for breakfast?

I broke my diet and cooked a lovely dish of dumplings ackee and fish for breakfast this morning. What are dumplings? They’re a a small ball of dough which may be boiled or fried, and ackee is a tropical fruit grows on evergreen trees and is available throughout the year; It’s a delicious fruit that is a popular addition to many exotic dishes and has become a mainstay in Caribbean cuisine. It is suitable for cooking when the pods are bright red and yawned open easily to expose the edible fruit inside; There’s always been debate over whether the ackee is a vegetable or a fruit,the taste is awesome when mixed with its side dish fish.

Singer and actress ciara pics we like

Ciara has received nine nominations from the BET Awards, winning one of them. She has also received five nominations from the Grammy Awards, receiving one award for “Best Short-Form Music Video” for the song ” Lose Control ,” a collaboration that she did with rapper Missy Elliott; Soul Train Music Award for Best Dance Performance (2010) , World Music Award for World’s Best Selling R&B Female (2007).